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End of 2019

Well, 2019 is coming to an end and progress has stalled again. Trying to spend time working on her is difficult when the car lives so far away. One of the front control bushing carriers was cracked when I got… (Read more)

Water Pump Changes

After much contemplation, I’ve decided to move to an electric water pump instead of a traditional mechanical pump. I picked up a billet water neck and a Meziere WP336S for this purpose.  The plug on the wiring pigtail for the… (Read more)

She’s alive!

Well, sort of. Bad coolant leak from rotted hoses so I didn’t let it run long but fired it up to blow all the oil out of the engine. She started pretty easily considering it hadn’t been turned over in… (Read more)

914 Has a New Home

After a year of my 914 living with a friend, she’s finally getting a new home that will allow me to continue to work on my project and hopefully get it driving by this summer. First part was assisting in… (Read more)

New beginnings…

I have moved to a new house which has forced me to unburry my ’71 914. Hopefully now that I can actually see and get to the car I will finally make some progress on it.